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any Doctors....

2009-08-18 19:18:03 by tobisfan12

i hve been eating a whole lot lately and anytime i dont eat i get a sick feeling in my stomach whats wrong? (if it matters i lost 9 pounds and came back from new mexico to the east coast)


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2009-08-18 19:28:32

What's the sick feeling like? Is it nausea or pain?

tobisfan12 responds:

a little of both


2009-08-18 19:43:15

Sounds a bit like gastroentritis, a fairly mild case too. That would make it a fairly nasty viral infection that is a bitch while it's there, but is usually not dangerous and causes no lasting harm. Best thing you can do is see your doctor to get a proper exam, at the very least they can give you a mild painkilling injection in your abdomen that will relieve the discomfort.

tobisfan12 responds:

could i get a pill?


2009-08-18 20:13:45

Unlikely. If your stomach lining is inflamed (as it would be, if it is gastroentritis that you have) then a pill will just add to the problem (they put a surprisingly large amount of stress on the stomach). But the injection is fine, it's intermuscular rather than intervenous so it's not painful.

tobisfan12 responds:

what else could it be?


2009-08-18 21:10:04

Without wanting to sound sarcastic, it could be any number of things, that one just kinda jumped out at me with those symptoms.

tobisfan12 responds:

ok thanks


2009-08-20 19:08:31

Depending on how quickly/recently you lost those 9 pounds, it could be your body trying to get them back (losing more than a pound of fat-weight a month is not a good idea)